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History and architecture


Origin of the Metropolitan

Canonical Quarter: History and organisation (8th to 19th centuries)

The Coronation Cathedral

- Origin and history of the coronation of the Kings of France
- The Coronation Ceremony of the Kings of France
- Chronology of the Kings of France Crowned in Reims


- Plan and Elevation
- Construction Chronology
- Construction Materials: The culmination of an art


- Iconography: The message of the statuary
- Style: A Great Diversity

The Cathedral in figures




Restoration in France


Restoration of the Cathedral

- From the Ancient Regime to the Nineteenth Century: The first major interventions
- From 1919 to 1938 : A model of restoration
- Restorations from 1940 to the Present: Effects of The Venice Charter
- General Principles of Restoration: Conservation and respect
- History of the Copy in the Reims Cathedral: From the temptation of systematic replacement to the interrogations of the 1950s
- Restoration Techniques: A range of methods and materials

Restoration news

Restoration partners
The western facade

- Restoration of the South Portal and Buttress
- Restoration of the North Portal and Buttress: October 2007 to December 2010

The Queen of Sheba

- Iconography and style
- Restoration and copy
- The Work of the Sculptor

The Man with the Head of Ulysses

- Iconography and style
- Restoration and copy

Archaeological excavations

- The First Edifices
- The Excavation of the Parvis (2007)


Stained Glass Windows


Medieval Stained Glass Windows

- History of Restorations
- Vestiges of the lower windows
- The high windows of the south arm of the transept
- The high windows of the choir
- The high windows of the nave
- The gallery on the interior of the western fašade
- The rose windows

The windows of Marc Chagall

The Windows of Brigitte Simon


A public commission for stained glass windows For the Notre Dame Cathedral of Reims



Donor and benefactor projects


The Cathedral and its Benefactors

Principal projects funded by donations, since 1919